On the 23rd of May at Salford Masonic Centre, a group of Freemasons assembled in the heart of the City West Area. This group of men held steadfast to their traditions, cherishing the ideals of brotherhood, charity, and knowledge.

The Lodge of Silent Temple No. 126 had decided to organise an explanation of the first degree in conjunction with the Manchester Level Club unlike any other before. The anticipation among the members was palpable as word of this extraordinary event travelled through the province of East Lancashire and beyond.

Preparations were made diligently as every Masonic brother contributed their time, expertise, and passion to ensuring the explanation’s success. The chosen venue was a historic Helmsley House in the heart of Salford, where countless meetings and ceremonies had taken place over the years.

The brothers performing the Explanation of the First Degree were W. Brother Philip Titterton from Friendship Lodge number 44, who navigated them through their journey to Bro. Paul Mansell and Bro. Fraser Arrowsmith, Bro. Robert Barnard from Caledonian Lodge number 204, Bro. Roy Walker from Vigilance 4952, W. Bro. Tom Daniel from Shakspeare Lodge number 1009, Bro. J.P. McCrossan Bro. Aaron Garner and Bro. Francesco Toto from Maccabee Lodge number 8947 and Bro. Nick Druce from Arkscroll Lodge number 6594 and ro. David Peers from Vigilance 4952

As evening approached, seventy guests and members eagerly gathered in a packed lodge room, their curiosity piqued by the intriguing promise of a first-class explanation circulating throughout the Masonic Lodge members, clad in their distinguished regalia. They stood proudly, welcoming the guests with warm smiles and gracious hospitality.

Finally, the moment arrived. And the room fell into a peaceful silence. WBro. Mark Davis, the APGM for the City East Area and the Worshipful Master, stepped forward, opening the lodge and conducting the usual business.

The Lodge also paid tribute to WBro. David McGurty, the APGM from the Northern Area, had come as a guest.