After a great start to 2023, there was only one thing left for Shakespeare Lodge N. 1009 to do, install Manchester Mason, Brother Tom Daniel as the Worshipful Master of the Lodge.

Special guest of the evening, in attendance as the representative of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, was WBro. Paul O’Carroll the Chairman of the City East Area accompanied by WBro. Darren Fletcher the Communication Officer for the City East Area.

Members of the Manchester Level Club (MLC) were also in attendance to support Tom on his special night. The delegation from the MLC was made up by members of several Manchester lodges.

The Worshipful Master, Bro. John Davies opened the Lodge and completed the initial lodge business before the Director of the Ceremonies W. Bro. John McHugh presented Bro.Tom Daniel as the Master elect.

Most of the members of Shakspeare Lodge took part in the Installation ceremony as officers of the lodge. The Entered Apprentices, Fellow Crafts and Master Masons were invited to leave the lodge room for a short period of time and a board of Installed master’s was formed and Bro Daniel was installed into the chair of King Solomon

Once the newly appointed Master Bro. Daniel sat, for the first time in his Masonic career, in the Chair, he proceeded to appoint WBro. Davies as the Immediate Past Master of the Lodge, WBro Wilson Pratt as the secretary, WBro. John McHugh the D.C., WBro. Iain Smethurst as Senior Warden. At this point the Appointment of the new officers began with Brother Gary Connell appointed as Junior Warden, Brother Matthew Davies, the son of the I.P.M, as Senior Deacon, Brother Elliott Jervis as Junior Deacon and Brother Josh Dewitt as Inner Guard.

The addresses to the two Deacons was brilliantly delivered by Brother Hiten Patel from Caledonian Lodge.

The address to the brethren was delivered by Bro Wilson Pratt.

The Provincial Representative congratulated everyone who had been involved in the Installation ceremony, he also said how pleased he was to see a full lodge room especially with so many light blue Masons in attendance.
Then Bro. Daniel closed the lodge and was escorted out by his Wardens and Deacons. There was a social drink’s reception to celebrate 160 years of the Lodge, which was founded on the 23rd of April 1863.

Afterwards all the brethren moved to the well supported festive board where a nice dinner was washed down with good wine. An evening to remember for each one of the brethren who attended the meeting but especially for Brother Daniel who, after years in the craft, finally achieved the most prominent position in the Lodge. From Entered Apprentice to Worshipful Master of the Lodge committed to help the newly made Masons the same way he’d been helped.

A cheerful night, lighted up with a sky full of stars to welcome a new era.

Story by Brother Francesco Toto