Learning Sessions

Whether it’s your first day as a Freemason, or you’ve been a Brother for years, our role is to support all of us in our daily advancement along our Masonic journey.
Manchester Level Club brings together junior Brethren from Lodges not only across Manchester but has recently attracted attention from the whole of the UK, and even Brethren from Italy and the USA. This is done through bi-weekly interactive Learning Sessions, where they are designed to be a safe and interactive environment for discussion by all Freemasons and maybe ask the questions that you often wonder or contribute towards someone else’s uncertainties.

Participation opportunities are offered throughout for those who wish to do so, whilst others may choose to simply listen and reflect. But the session’s purpose is to build familiarity and confidence with our ritual, or even remind you of the bits you have forgotten.

Currently, all the sessions are conducted over Zoom, which isn’t difficult technology to use. Brethren of all ages and technical abilities are getting involved, and don’t forget, those without a computer can just ring in and listen to what is going on and join in.

Due to the nature of material, some of the resources will be unavailable to you until you become a member of Manchester Level Club.