On Saturday the 11th of May, at Hemsley House, Salford, the Manchester Level Club (MLC), together with the Area Mentor, WBro Titterton, hosted the Learning Session designed to help both new and inexperienced brethren delve into the opening of lodge meetings.

The session explored the intricacies of the opening ritual and dived into the roles of the principal and assistant officers, with plenty of opportunities to discuss and experience elements of the opening. This was a great opportunity, especially for new Brethren that have not attended many meetings.

Together with WBro Titterton, the guys from the MLC took this opportunity to show in a Face-to-Face event the importance of rituals and serving to establish the lodge as a Sacred space for conducting Masonic works and ensuring harmony among members.

Opening rituals involve Invoking the Great Architect of the Universe and confirming that none but Masons are present. This will affirm cooperation and brotherhood two of the most important values in Freemasonry.

For some, rituals are only something Freemasonry does in the lodge, in that Temple where once closed, everything is perfect and regular, but the truth is far deeper than that. Rituals help young Masons to understand more about the lodge and themselves, making them a better human being every day. This learning session saw young masons enjoying roles that aren’t there yet, starting to see the big picture in the long run.

Freemasonry it’s a society built on some of the oldest principles in history, and the MLC, with theirs Team, it’s bringing those values around, planting the seed of the future.

Story by Bro Francesco Toto