About Manchester Level Club

Our aim is to support and encourage each other through shared learning, communication, and holding regular events.
Our most important role is to support you in your Masonic journey, by ensuring you are able to enjoy the company of fellow Brethren – in an informal and non-hierarchical environment.
Who Can Join The Manchester Level Club?

Any brother who has not received Provincial Honours can join MLC.
This includes Entered Apprentices, Fellow Crafts, Master Masons, Wardens, Worshipful Masters, and Past Masters that reside within our Province.
Members of Metropolitan, Districts or other Provinces may join as Associate Members.

How Do I Become Part Of The Team?

The MLC Committee is made up of many roles, you don’t necessarily need to have experience or knowledge in any particular area. Just bring your enthusiasm and commitment.

To explore the possibility of joining the committee get in touch with our Chairman 



Will It Take Up Lots Of Time?

We host a wide range of activities for its members and their families. Due to this variety, members can pick and choose how they get involved.

We understand that the lives or our members are incredibly busy, with family, work and masonic commitments, therefore, our aim is to provide easy and non-pressurised access to the Club’s activities.. Check our Events Calendar for all our upcoming activities.

Is It Expensive?

Membership is free. There is no joining fee or annual subscription.

The only expenditure would be for anything incurred at the events you attend.

How Do I Join?

As a subscribing member of East Lancashire, you are eligible to enrol as a member of the MLC.

It’s very simple just click here to go to our Registration Page. or you can email contact@manchesterlevelclub.co.uk

If you are a member of Metropolitan, a District, or another Province, you may get in touch to join as an Associate Member of the MLC, with no subscription via email contact@manchesterlevelclub.co.uk